Madeon Logo Construction – James

20 Feb

For our ancillary tasks we decided to stick with what our research told us. This was that a consistent theme arose with the madeon logo being placed centrally on all of his EP covers, whilst also featuring on all of his previous magazine advert related material.


The logo we discovered in our font research, was an alteration of the font Bauhaus 93 which just so happened to be a preset on all computers. I observed his logo and compared the two and, in doing so, noticed some slight differences. These were easy to rectify and create on Photoshop. The screenshots below show the steps I took to make the changes.

madeon 1JPG

This is the original Bauhaus 93 font. It still looks like the Madeon logo but we wanted to be as accurate as possible to the originals. This meant altering the A, the D, and the E. As well as moving the O slightly across.


Here you can see how I made the peak on the d. I used the polygonal lasso tool to make a peak shape. This peak shape then turned into a selected area where I then ensured I was on the correct layer, and selected a white paintbrush with 100% hardness. It worked and gave the desired effect.MADEON 3 COLOUR THE EJPG

The next difference was the fact the E was filled in completely, this was created in much the same way as the D by using the polygonal lasso tool to draw a section which I wanted to paint in. This section was then filled. I then needed to rotate the E to a 45 degree angle as to give the slanted look that is on the logo. This was easily done.


The final step was that the a was not joined as closely to each side of the white letter as it is in the preset of Bauhaus. I used a rectangular selection box and then used an eraser to widen the gap, this was not done until I rasterized the layer to ensure I could edit the letters. This was then followed by dragging the O across slightly.MADEON 5 FINISHEDJPG

This was the result of my work. You can see the likeness with the CD’s from above, we were really pleased with it and it allowed us to give an accurate depiction of what the album cover would look like if our design was chosen.


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